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  • 9 August : Another good race for Mieke Suys at the ITU manche in Hungary, she finishes forth.
  • 2 August : ITU race Canada, Mieke Suys has no mechanical problems, so she could demonstrate her strength to finish third.
  • 2 August : At the national junior championships the Cervélo 2000 team walks away with the honours with victories for both Axel Zeebroek and Jessica Mayon.
  • 5 July : Velden, European Championships : Axel Zeebroek has a super performance and finishes as sixth junior. Unfortunately, Mieke Suys has some bad luck as she had to give up due to a broken pedal.
  • 21 June : ITU World Cup race, Mieke Suys was fifth. After some problems with illness, she seems to be on the mend and will be ready for the European Championships in Velden.
  • 21 June : another SP race, this time in Kapelle o/d Bos, and another great result for Axel Zeebroek. He was the first junior again, finishing fourth overall.
  • 14 June : at the Wallonien Championships in Spa, our team took the victory with Christian Bovy. Second place and first junior was Axel Zeebroek. Conditions were tough, a very hard bike portion and rain and storm during the race.
  • 6 June : Mieke Suys is vice Belgian champion olympic distance.
  • 6 June : Belgian Championships olympic distance in Middelkerke resulted in a sixth place for Axel Zeebroek amongst the senior (he was the first junior, but they have a separate championship race). Axel lost only 2'05" to the winner Marc Herremans. Also among the juniors, Benoit Myaux was the third junior, and that in his first olympic distance race.
  • 24 May : SP race in Zundert : very strong tenth place (amongst the seniors) for Axel Zeebroek, and a third spot for Mieke Suys.
  • 23 May : Lanzarote Ironman, 16th place for Joachim Van der Auwera. Great swim, good bike for the first 120km, then started to get weaker because of dehydration. Recovered a bit to have a strong last 10km on the marathon. Good for experience.
  • 26 April 1998 : Stéphane Janssoone won the sprint race in Cannes, beating Simonet and Reboul. He had the second fastest swim in 3'35" for 300m. Thanks to an incredible run, he was able to catch Simonet who was 200m ahead.
  • 26 April 1998 : Mieke Suys finished was  at the World Cup race in Sydney. Another day of bad luck. She was in the leading group on the bike when her gearing system got loose and flew in her wheel. Being a true champion, she tried to fix the problem as good as possible and continued the race in last position (losing 10 minutes). She still had a stellar run to finish 35th. Without these mechanical problems... Team mate Delphine Pelletier finished 37th.
  • 26 April 1998 : swim-run event in Mol where our juniors were present. This was 1km swim followed by 10km running. Jessica Mayon was second (and first junior). She only lost 1' to Kathleen Smet. Benoit Myaux finished fifth overall (fourth junior).
  • 26 April 1998 : promo triathlon in Couvin, second place for Christian, third for Frédéric, fourth for Joachim and sixth for Dominique. The race was won by Frederick Van Lierde (still a junior).
  • 12 April 1998 : Mieke Suys finished 22nd at the World Cup race in Ishigaki, Japan. The conditions at the race were very hot, and as she only arrived thursday before the race (after two days traveling), the change from cold and wet Belgian weather was a bit too difficult. Let's hope for better luck for the Sydney race.
  • 12 April 1998 : Axel Zeebroek won the junior cathegory (20th overall) at the French Grand Prix duathlon in Ruoms.
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