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Version report for all our software :

for ProWesS, LINEdesign, PWfile, PFlist, fsearch, DATAdesign, fontutils

ProWesS : see version.txt, but there is a special page where you can find the updated version.


    LINEdesign v2.10

    Big rework of LINEdesign to make it function under ProWesS. This means that it now uses PROforma v1.10 or higher and all the sub menus are nor ProWesS menus. The code size has also been reduced thanks to the use of DLL's and various improvements in the code.

    ProWesS file select window is now used. The window remembers the current directory and the extensions. (This is different for load/merge and for including bitmaps).

    All the items which can be edited allow you to choose the unit one the fly.

    You can choose whether bitmaps should be previewed on screen (+config).

    You can choose whether you want previews when transforming objects (+config).

    The scaling is now more intuitive (the maximum of the scale in either direction. This means that the pointer always stays on one of the edges.

    Due to the new PROforma, bitmaps can actually produce colour output if you use a colour printer.

    The Load/Unload fonts menu is replaced by a menu which allows both loading and unloading of several fonts at a time.

    Many problems with the handling of bitmaps fixed. You can now safely delete bitmaps or clear the page when a bitmap was used. Also, adding bitmaps to a page which already contained bitmaps now works properly.

    When pressing F1, a help window will now appear.

    You can config whether the alternate colour is red or green.

    A pie can now properly be opened and closed (to switch between a pie and a circular arc).

    Much improved error checking on save page.

    You can choose whether lasso select selects only the objects which are fully enclosed by the lasso, or all the objects intersect the lasso (are partly inside) (+config).

    Fixed a problem where paragraphs could be displayed somewhat too high or low when printing or previewing the page.

    LINEdesign v2.11

    Freehand draw now works properly again. It could crash before.

    Fixed a problem when drawing a polygon with very long lines.

    LINEdesign v2.12

    When entering text, entering special symbols like works again.

    LINEdesign v2.13

    When loading files which contained text, the program sometimes loaded a character too much.

    LINEdesign v2.14

    You can now pass a command line parameter which is the file which has to be loaded when the program starts. This can be either a LINEdesign or an Adobe Illustrator file. If the filename doesn't include a device, then it will first be searched on the data device, and then on the program device.

    LINEdesign v2.15

    There is now again a proper preview when editing the nodes of a square or rectangle.

    The positioning of the blocks etc. which indicate the bounding box and which need to be indicated to start an action are now positioned properly on the screen (the drawing board window was not correct).

    LINEdesign v2.16

    When entering text which has to be displayed, the operation will now be canceled when you press escape or indicate quit.

    The print window now properly displays the current device (was always empty on entry)



    PWfile v1.01

    subdirectories are now always displayed first in alphabetical order.

    delete will try to delete an empty sub directory when include sub tree is not indicated.

    changing the destination now also modifies the destination item in the menu.

    filenames can now be stuffed when selected (configurable)

    PWfile v1.02

    the file type is now displayed for files which are not "normal". This is displayed instead of the version. An abbreviation is used for some known uses of file types. If the file type is not recognized, the number is displayed, preceded by a 't'.
    The abbreviations are :
    exe for executables
    rel for relocatable files
    xmod for external modules (syslib file type)
    TPs4 for The PAINTER mode 4 compressed screen
    TPs8 for The PAINTER mode 8 compressed screen
    TPp for The PAINTER pattern
    TPf for The PAINTER font.

    size of total indicated files is now cleared when rereading the directory. Previously, the total size could be >0 when nothing indicated.

    PWfile can now execute an executable without FileInfo II (when using the FileInfo II link). This way, you don't have to reconfigure FileInfo II and this will work even if FileInfo II is not loaded. This new behavior is configurable.

    when you copy a files to MSDOS media (with any of the copying variants), PWfile will now automatically replace the extension separator by a dot and truncate the filename to 8+3 format as expected on these media. (Please note that you need a version of syslib_rext with dates from 17.11.1997 or later for this detection to work).

    PWfile v1.03

    very long filenames were not properly deleted when in a sub tree. This is now fixed.

    PWfile v1.04

    Copying files with the ``include subtree" option and a selection on which file extensions to exclude now works properly.



    PFlist v1.10

    PFlist now completely modified to run under ProWesS

    PFlist v1.11

    progress report window now displays correct page and pass number


    original version


    DATAdesign v4.00

    Program converted to use level 2 Config blocks.

    The first directory that is called when loading files can be configured.

    All colourways can config.

    New toolbar (styled like QD V8) is installed. The program can be configured with this on or off.

    Window size and position at start can be configured.

    The program can be configured to remember the size and position of the window when it was last saved and to appear in the same way when reloaded. This information is stored in the '_ddm' file.

    DATAdesign can now be a thing (only 5K for every copy of DATAdesign).

    English and German versions available.

    A 'Do' on the Resize icon will toggle between maximum and minimum sizes.

    Minimum size of the program's main window is now 386x170.

    Visible size of MEMO string higher (12 character).

    New styled main-window (new field and record menu).

    Information about the current record is now displayed in the status line. This includes indication of any MEMO field that may exist.

    Add type of field in windows.

    ProWesS reader can be used instead of mu_view for help-file. This item is configurable.

    Improved display in monochrome mode.

    Improved handling of Printer device.

    New Printer-Abort-Job (the same as in QD).

    Normal priority is 32 and in Button-Frame only 1.

    The program can now display a flashing or static disk-sprite (configurable) to indicate that a file has been changed. (Also compatible with QD8)

    Shortcut key presses changed to give more consistency with QD8

    Wrong pointer position after resize and load fixed.

    Error messages for DDE/MENUS/WMAN were too old or not found.

    After F1 during editing in appl. 1 => cursor at 0,0.

    Delete last name in appl. 0 and then display => crash

    After Display during editing in appl. 1 => buffer corrupt.

    V_conf(a6) not set after clear field, erase field, insert field and delete record.

    Filter: problems if Mark selected.

    Problems with '0a, 0d' at end of a right scrolling line.

    Display: problems with scrolling.

    Print: after print DATAdesign change position in file.

    Print: iob_smul with d2=zero.

    Print: forget changes of printer-device.

    Print: problems with space, nl and max len in first field.

    DATAdesign v4.01 .. v4.08

    Various small problems fixed.

    Change job has been eliminated.

    DATAdesign now needs wman v1.52 and menu_rext v7.00 minimum.

    DATAdesign v4.09

    Default colourway and flash frequency from menu_rext implemented.


    original version

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