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When ???

Ah well, this of course is the six million dollar question. There are many things which will influence this. For starters let me say that anything can always be delayed by demands to make some money once in a while (some of you probably know that I spend my time training and racing in triathlon and by writing software for the QL, as I don't make any money with either, I recently took on a job with CAB and work for them 16 hours a week, while this is not very much, it leaves me little time to do much else (also have some web sites to maintain)).

I have mentioned many changes. Changes in ProWesS, the introduction of RLL, the new colour screen drivers and definitely the new device drivers (if they ever appear) will cause major changes also for the user. Therefore, I hope to lessen the amount of change which may impact the user by trying to combine the introduction of some of the new features. Obviously, as most of these changes are not in my hands, it makes it all difficult to control. I will for now concentrate on the new version of the ProWesS window manager. The design is finished, and a large part of the system has already been written. Some things still have to be added though, and most importantly the types have to be redeveloped. I have also noticed that my own goals have increased while developing the new version, so a lot more will be possible than stated in the QL Today article. However, this also takes some extra time. In general, I haven't been able to do much in the last three months, but am expecting to have more time again in the near future. Fingers crossed.

I am hoping that by the time I have the new version finished, there will be some major advance in the RLL department, so that these improvements can be combined in the release of ProWesS v2. If by that time, the release of the new screen drivers is imminent (well, there are more definate announcements already), then that will be combined as well. The other changes are too much "dreams" to be able to consider them now.

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